AccuTemp is a manufacturer of steamers, griddles, kettles, skillets and combi-ovens.

We use service technicians throughout the entire U.S. to diagnose, repair and service our equipment under warranty.

As a support technician providing help to our customers and dispatching service when it is needed, I have always been able to rely on the fast response of the Coker dispatch team as well as the reliable experience from their excellent and well trained technicians.

One of the most common reports I get when following up with my customers after the service is: “the technician you sent was polite, courteous, explained what they were doing and did their best to work around our busy kitchen.”

I use Coker as much as possible in Texas and the Midwest and I wish they were everywhere I have customers.

In a field of great service providers. CSI Coker easily stands above the rest.


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